Jan Fleischmann Wildlife & Action

I grew up in Gothenburg in western Sweden.

Since childhood I have been fascinated about the wild animals.

In 1989 I moved to Mariestad at lake Vänern in Västra Götaland

when I got a work as a photographer in the newspaper Mariestads-Tidningen

After many years my job was transfered to a reporter with right to take photos.

I stayed there until 2015.

Since October 2016 I have delivered newspapers Monday to Friday early mornings with a bicycle and walking up and down the apartments.

For many years I also covered international sport, mainly football and icehockey. I attended many youth tournaments, domestic league Damallsvenskan and Women´s Euro and World Cups for my friend

Urban Emilsson who I have worked with for this magazine Svensk Damfotboll 1989 to late 2016. Urban sadly left us at Christmas 2016.  I continued to freelance for the new editor-in chief until 2018.


The exhibition  Legender  about football profiles with legend status and iconic wild animals at Falbydens museum in western Sweden.

Photo by: Per Warvlin