Jan Fleischmann Wildlife & Action


The winter in Yellowstone in north western USA is a hard time for the wild animals but a high point for many travellers.

We meet the American buffalo also called bison, the elk which is the most common name in North America for the wapiti deer

hear and observe the wolves from far distance and a coyote also called praire wolf on close distance.

9793 Yellowstone bions_JF.jpg
Yellowstone Old Faithful_JF.jpg
Yellowstone bisonoxar letar mat JF.jpg
Yellowstone wolf watchers JF.jpg
the elk bulll JF 4 spegel.jpg
varg o bisonxoar_JF2.jpg
Yellowstone wolves JF.jpg
Yellowstone coyote JF.jpg
bighorn sheep JF 9 .jpg
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