Jan Fleischmann Wildlife & Action


Mobile camping safari in the Okavango delta, Savuti and Chobe river front together with Erica Björklund, the guide and safari owner Anthony Antalamo, the chef Bongo Moathping and the camp manager Ben Gwara. Late July to August 13 -2021.

210817 Africa route map home JF.jpg
1952 Ankomst Gabarone JF1.jpg
1985 Ankomst Gabarone JF.jpg
1987 Ankomst Gabarone Erica JF.jpg
0221 Tony chobesafari JF.jpg
0094 jeep in savuti camp jf.jpg
210731 Camp Okavango Moremi JF.jpg
8403 hyenor Chobe JF.jpg
8362 hyenor Chobe JF.jpg
7539 babianer fightas JF.jpg
7425 babian o mungo JF.jpg
3131 red lechwe Okavango JF.jpg
3272  red lechwe okavango jf.jpg
3186 red lechwe Okavango JF.jpg
1512 wounded lion male Savuti JF.jpg
1493 wounded lion male Jf.jpg
6034 baboon chobe Jf.jpg
4885 to Chobe JF.jpg
5305 sebras mm Chobe JF.jpg
5070 sable anthelope Chobe jF.jpg
5040 giraffes in Chobe JF.jpg
9377 break up chobe camp jf.jpg
0845 Tony bushmen paintings JF.jpg
2129 hippo okavango JF.jpg
2982 elephant in Okavango JF.jpg
2501 lion moremi Okavango JF.jpg
3176 jackal Savuti JF.jpg
3152 giraffe, impala, elephants Savuti JF.jpg
3118-2 sebras giraffes Savuti JF.jpg
3210 Savuti by night JF.jpg
4860 buffalo and elephants Savuti JF.jpg
4488 beautiful bird in Savuti JF.jpg
4093 Savuti lions JF.jpg
4314  lions in Savuti JF.jpg
5369 buffaloes Chobe JF.jpg
2019 stars fr savuti camp jf.jpg
210805 Boat safari in Choe river JF1.jpg
ny 0014 elephant at Chobe river fr boat JF.jpg
9994 hani, erica boatsafari jf.jpg
7163 elephant chobe river jf.jpg
9940 elephant chobe river jf.jpg
7272 elephant chobe river jf.jpg
7251 elephant chobe river jf.jpg
5487 velvet monkey took orange JF.jpg
7304 Kasane babbon steals JF.jpg
1976 elephants Savuti JF.jpg
0312 lions at jeep savuti jf.jpg
1384 elephants Savuti JF.jpg
1372 elephants Savuti JF.jpg
9522 birds and leopard Chobe JF.jpg
7866 leopard smyger pa impala JF.jpg
3796 leopard Savuti JF.jpg
0795 leopard savuti jf.jpg
0949 leopard Savuti JF.jpg
Drag -1722 wild dogs and elephants Savuti JF.jpg
7037 crocodile Chobe river JF.jpg
7011 monitor lizard fr boat chobe JF.jpg
1801 jeep crossinng jf.jpg
7461 babianunge får skjuts JF.jpg
6669 lion sunrise Chobe jF.jpg
0584 lion male jf.jpg
0708 lion male savuti jf.jpg
Alternativ 1265 lion male stalks prey Savuti best 2 JF.jpg
1106 young lion male Savuti JF.jpg
Alternativ 2375 savuti lion w prey jf.jpg
1644lion cubs Savuti JF.jpg
1610 lion cubs Savuti JF.jpg
9476 Erica and Baobao tree JF.jpg
1873 erica okavango jf.jpg
0200 wild dogsavuti jf.jpg
drag- 3842 leopard male Savuti JF.jpg
3515 leopard male Savuti JF.jpg
3069 crossing Okavango JF.jpg
210802 Erica after met leopard JF2.jpg
0319 Bongo makes muffins JF.jpg
9328 Bongos cup cakes JF.jpg
5949 elephant attack in camp Chobe JF.jpg
bee eater hunts JF.jpg
8904 bee eater catched a bee JF.jpg
6952 a kingfisher Chobe river jf.jpg
6879 kingfisher chobe river jf.jpg
6885 kingfisher flying chobe river jf.jpg
2899 fish eagles in fight JF.jpg
2929 fish eagles fight okavango J.jpg
2055 hornbill in Savuti JF.jpg
1156 beakfast Savuti JF.jpg
5619 sunset chobe JF.jpg
210813 Jan takes Okavango flight .jpg
2166 flight over Okavango JF.jpg
3562 elephants flight over Okavango JF.jpg
3762 Air Link to J-burg JF.jpg
3792 Air Link to J-burg JF.jpg
210816 J-burg to Paris JF.jpg
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