Jan Fleischmann Wildlife & Action


White shark tracking and predation with Chris and Monique Fellows

in South Africa outside Simons Town in 2007 and 2016. They sharks

hunt the seals at False Bay. We also meet dolphins and sea birds.

0055 Simons Town JF.jpg


7770 Simons Town at dawn JF.jpg
7683 White shark safari JF.jpg
0291 dolphins False Bay JF.jpg
0941 Mas o Seal Island JF.jpg
ny vithajsjakt JF3.jpg
ny Vithajsjakt seals escape JF.jpg
8184 Sydafrika vithaj jagar_JF NY.jpg
8187 whiteshark hunts seal_JF.jpg
ny vithajsjakt tagit en sal JF3.jpg
vithajsjakt JF4.jpg
0297 dolphins False Bay JF.jpg
vithajssafari surfing seals JF.jpg
0443 Seal Island JF.jpg
8156 Seal Island JF.jpg
0457 Seal Island JF.jpg
8405 penguin on Seal Island JF.jpg
0848 False Bay JF.jpg
8604 Sea guls JF.jpg
0925 White shark in rain JF.jpg
0248 dolphin near Simons Town JF.jpg
ny 2-0665 rovfagel foljerbaten JF.jpg
8077 White shark safari JF.jpg
ny 8198 Rovfagel False Bay JF.jpg
Vithajssafari JF2.jpg
8470 Chris Fellows JF.jpg
0120 White shark False Bay JF.jpg
0129 White shark S False Bay JF.jpg
0164 White shark safari JF.jpg
ny 9403 White shark False Bay JF.jpg
0034 In the shark cage JF.jpg
0035 In the shark cage JF.jpg
0899 Table View JF.jpg
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