Jan Fleischmann Wildlife & Action


Snow leopard tracking in Ladakh in northern India in the winter 2011, 2012 and 2014.

ny 1119 flight over Ladakh mountain JF.jpg
ny 0604 the campsite in Ladakh JF.jpg
ny 0860 dining tent JF.jpg
Snow Leopard tracking JF.jpg
ny 0643 Jigmet calls the snowleopard JF.jpg
Snow leopard Ladakh JF6.jpg
Snow leopard Ladakh JF5.jpg
5437 Ladakh lammgam JF.jpg
9366 Rinchen snow leopard spotting JF.jpg
Ladakh blue sheepmale JF.jpg
8286 Jan snow leopard tracking   JF w selfrelease.jpg
Snow Leopard track blue sheep Ladakh JF.jpg
Snow Leopard cubs Ladakh JF.jpg
Snow Leopard Ladakh JF3.jpg
Snow leopard JF4.jpg
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